World Hijab Day 2016

On World Hijab Day, we hosted two events:

In the morning, we set up an interactive booth in the Student Centre where people of all faiths could come and try on a hijab, ask questions about the hijab, or clear up any misconceptions they may have. Also, there were quizzes so people could test their knowledge about how much they actually knew about the hijab and information about hijab for men. Overall, it was a rewarding experience for visitors as well as volunteers.

In the evening, three guest speakers visited the Instructional Centre to speak about the state of hijab in the world today from a Muslim’s perspective as well as from a secular perspective and the importance of it in the lives of young women.

The first was Safiah Chowdhury, a scholar who achieved her Masters of Philosophy in Islamic Studies & History from the University of Oxford. She studied under Professor Tariq Ramadan and was a Graduate Representative for the Oxford University Islamic Society.

The second was Aisha Khaja, an alumnus from UTSC who completed a Masters in Education at the University of Toronto. She was also an advisor for the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, TV host for LET THE QURAN SPEAK, and national director for Charity Week Canada.

The third was Shahnaaz Alidina, who was pursuing a doctoral degree in language and culture at York University. She has tutored college students internationally and has publications on student engagement and teacher’s perception of engagement.